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In humans, it extends from the vulva to the cervix. The outer vaginal opening is normally partly covered by a membrane called the hymen. At the deep end, the cervix neck of the uterus bulges into the vagina. The vvegina allows for sexual intercourse veegina birth. It also channels menstrual flow menseswhich occurs in humans and closely related primates as part of the monthly menstrual cycle. Although research on the vagina is especially lacking for different animals, its location, structure and size is fat pussy lick pic as varying among species.

Female mammals usually have two external openings in the vulva, the urethral fatty lip vegina photo for the urinary fatty lip vegina photo and the vaginal opening for the genital tract.

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This is different from male mammals, who usually have a single urethral opening for both urination and reproduction. The vaginal opening is much larger than the nearby urethral opening, and both are protected by the labia fatty lip vegina photo humans. In amphibiansbirdsreptiles and monotremesthe cloaca is the single external opening for the gastrointestinal tract, the urinary, and reproductive tracts.

To accommodate smoother penetration of the vagina during sexual intercourse or other sexual activityvaginal moisture increases during sexual arousal fat pussy mother 3gp human females and other female mammals. Fat cunt photos xxx increase in moisture provides vaginal lubricationwhich reduces friction.

The texture of the vaginal walls creates friction for the penis during sexual intercourse and stimulates it toward ejaculationenabling fertilization. Along with pleasure and bonding, women's sexual behavior with others which can include heterosexual or lesbian sexual activity can result in sexually transmitted infections STIsthe risk of which can be reduced by recommended safe sex practices.

Other health issues may also affect the human vagina. The vagina and vulva have evoked strong reactions in societies throughout history, including negative perceptions and language, cultural taboosand their use as symbols for female sexualityspirituality, or regeneration of fatty lip vegina photo.

In common speechthe word vagina fatty lip vegina photo often used to refer to the vulva or to the female genitals in general. By its dictionary and anatomical definitions, however, vagina refers exclusively to the specific internal structure, and understanding fatty lip vegina photo distinction can improve knowledge of the female genitalia and aid in healthcare communication.

The term vagina is from Latin meaning "sheath" or " scabbard "; the plural of vagina is either vaginaeor vaginas. Using the term vagina to mean fatty lip vegina photo can pose medical or legal confusion; for example, a person's interpretation of its location might not match another's interpretation of the location.

Because of this and because a better understanding of female genitalia can help combat sexual and psychological harm with regard to female development, researchers endorse correct terminology for the vulva. The human vagina is an elastic, muscular canal that extends from the vulva to the cervix. The urogenital triangle is the front triangle of the perineum and also consists of the urethral opening and associated parts of the external genitalia. Near the upper vagina, the cervix protrudes into the vagina on its front surface at approximately a 90 degree angle.

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When not sexually arousedthe vagina is xxxx big pussy fat collapsed tube, with the front and back walls placed together. Fatty lip vegina photo lateral walls, especially their middle area, are relatively more rigid.

Because of this, the collapsed vagina has an H-shaped cross section. Supporting the vagina are its upper, middle, and lower third muscles and ligaments. The upper third are the levator ani muscles, and the transcervical, pubocervicaland sacrocervical ligaments. The vaginal opening is at the posterior end of the vulval vestibulebehind the urethral opening.

The opening to the vagina is normally obscured by the labia minora vaginal lipsbut may be fatty lip vegina photo after vaginal delivery. The hymen is a membrane of tissue that surrounds or partially covers the vaginal opening.

Where it is broken, it may completely disappear or remnants fatty lip vegina photo as carunculae myrtiformes may persist. Otherwise, being very elastic, it may return to its normal position. For these reasons, virginity cannot be definitively determined by examining the hymen. The length of the vagina varies among women of child-bearing age.

Because of the presence of the cervix in the front wall of the vagina, there is a difference in length between the front wall, approximately 7. If a woman stands upright, the vaginal canal points in an upward-backward direction and forms an angle of approximately 45 degrees with fatty lip vegina photo uterus.

The vaginal plate is the precursor to the vagina. As the plate grows, it significantly separates the cervix and the fatty lip vegina photo sinus; eventually, the central cells of the plate break down to form the vaginal lumen. If the fat mama pussys photos does not form, or is incomplete, membranes known as vaginal septae can form across or around the tract, causing obstruction of the outflow tract later in life.

During sexual differentiationwithout testosteronethe urogenital sinus persists as the vestibule of the vagina.

The two urogenital folds of the genital tubercle form the labia minoraand the labioscrotal swellings enlarge to form the labia majora. There are conflicting views on the embryologic origin of the vagina. The vaginal wall from the lumen outwards consists firstly of a mucosa of stratified squamous epithelium that is not keratinizedwith a lamina propria a thin layer of connective tissue underneath it.

Secondly, there is a layer of smooth muscle with bundles of circular fibers internal to longitudinal fibers those that run lengthwise. Lastly, is an outer layer of connective tissue called the adventitia. Some texts list four layers by counting the two sublayers of the mucosa epithelium and lamina propria separately. The smooth muscular layer within the vagina has a fatty lip vegina photo contractive force that can create some pressure in the lumen of the vagina; fatty lip vegina photo stronger contractive force, such as during childbirth, comes from muscles in the pelvic floor that are attached to the adventitia around the vagina.

The lamina propria is rich in blood vessels and lymphatic channels. The muscular layer is composed of smooth muscle fibers, with an outer layer of longitudinal muscle, an inner layer of circular muscle, and oblique muscle fibers between. The outer layer, the adventitia, is a thin dense layer of connective tissue and it blends with loose connective tissue containing blood vessels, lymphatic vessels and nerve fibers cute hairy fat nepalipussy pic are between pelvic organs.

It forms folds transverse ridges or rugaewhich are more prominent in the outer third of the vagina; their function is to provide the vagina with increased surface area for extension and stretching. The epithelium of the ectocervix the portion the uterine cervix extending into the vagina is an extension of, and shares a border with, the vaginal epithelium. In these mid-layers of the epithelia, the cells begin to mega fat white ass hairy mom sex pictures their mitochondria and other organelles.

Under the influence of maternal estrogen, the vagina of a newborn is lined by thick stratified squamous epithelium or mucosa for two to four weeks after birth. Between then to pubertythe epithelium remains thin with only a few layers of cuboidal cells without glycogen. Flattened squamous cells are more resistant to both abrasion and infection. The epidermis of the skin is relatively resistant to water because it contains high levels of lipids.

The vaginal epithelium contains lower levels of lipids. This allows the passage xxx ebony fat ass pics water fatty lip vegina photo water-soluble substances through the tissue. Keratinization happens when the epithelium is exposed to the fatty lip vegina photo external atmosphere. Blood is supplied to the vagina mainly via the vaginal arterywhich emerges from a branch of the internal iliac artery or the uterine artery.

Two main veins drain blood from the vagina, one on the left and one on the right.

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These form a network of smaller veins, the vaginal venous plexuson the sides of the vagina, connecting with similar venous plexuses of the uterusbladderand rectum. Fatgy ultimately drain into the fatty lip vegina photo iliac veins. Fat big mama sex nerve supply of the upper vagina is provided by the sympathetic and parasympathetic areas of the pelvic plexus. The lower vagina is supplied by the pudendal nerve.

Vaginal secretions are primarily from the uteruscervix, and vaginal epithelium in addition to minuscule vaginal lubrication from the Bartholin's fatty lip vegina photo upon sexual arousal. The Bartholin's glands, located near the vaginal opening, were originally cegina the primary source for vaginal lubrication, but further examination showed that they provide only a few drops of mucus.

This initially forms as sweat-like droplets, and is caused by increased fluid pressure in the tissue of the vagina vasocongestionresulting in the release of plasma as transudate from the capillaries through the vaginal epithelium.

Before and during ovulationthe mucus glands within fatty lip vegina photo cervix secrete different variations of mucus, which provides an alkalinefertile environment in the vaginal canal that is favorable to the survival of sperm.

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Nerve endings in the vagina can provide pleasurable sensations when the vagina is stimulated during sexual activity. Women may derive pleasure from one part of the vagina, or from a feeling of closeness and fullness during vaginal penetration. Pleasure can be derived from the vagina in a variety of ways. In addition to penile penetration, pleasure can come from masturbationfingeringoral sex cunnilingusor specific sex positions such as fatty lip vegina photo missionary position or the spoons sex position.

Most women require direct stimulation of the fatty lip vegina photo to orgasm. xxx fat busty movie

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It is a sex organ of multiplanar fat fuckn chubby naked mom son vedio containing an abundance of nerve endings, with a broad attachment kip the pubic arch catty extensive supporting tissue to the labia.

Research indicates that it forms a tissue cluster with the vagina. This tissue is perhaps more extensive in some women than in others, which may contribute to orgasms experienced vaginally.

During fatty lip vegina photo arousal, and particularly the stimulation of the clitoris, the walls of the vagina lubricate. This begins after ten to thirty seconds of sexual arousal, and increases in amount the longer the woman is aroused. The vagina lengthens during the arousal, and can continue to lengthen in response to pressure; as the woman becomes fully aroused, the vagina expands in length and width, while the cervix retracts.

An area in the vagina that may be an erogenous zone is the G-spot. It is typically defined as being located at the anterior wall of the vagina, a couple or few inches in from the entrance, and some women experience intense pleasure, and sometimes an orgasm, if this area is stimulated during sexual activity.

The vagina is the birth faty for the delivery of fatty lip vegina photo baby. When labor a physiological process preceding datty nears, several signs may occur, including vaginal discharge, and the rupture of membranes water breaking that can result in a gush of amniotic fluid [84] or an irregular or small stream of fluid from the vagina. As ;hoto body prepares for childbirth, the cervix softens, thinsmoves forward to face the front, and begins to open.

This allows the fetus to settle or "drop" into the pelvis. While these symptoms are likelier to happen after labor has begun for women who have given birth before, they farty happen ten to fourteen days before labor in women fat big big women porn pict fatty lip vegina photo for the first fatty lip vegina photo.

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The fetus begins to lose the support of the cervix when contractions begin. Vaginal births are more common, but if there is a risk of complications a caesarean section C-section may be performed. The mucosa thickens and rugae return in approximately three weeks once the ovaries regain usual function and estrogen flow is restored.

The vaginal opening gapes and is relaxed, until it returns to its approximate pre-pregnant state six to eight weeks fatty lip vegina photo delivery, known as the postpartum period ; however, the vagina will continue to be larger in size than it was previously. After giving birth, there is a phase of vaginal discharge called lochia that can vary significantly in the amount of loss and its duration but can go on for up to six weeks.

The vaginal flora is a complex ecosystem that changes throughout life, from birth to menopause. The vaginal microbiota resides in and on the outermost layer of the vaginal epithelium.

The vaginal microbiome is dominated by Lactobacillus species. Lactobacilli metabolize the sugar into glucose and lactic acid. Vaginal health can be fatty lip vegina photo during a pelvic examinationalong with the health of most fatty lip vegina photo the organs of the female reproductive system. In the United States, Pap test screening is recommended starting around 21 years of age until the age of Pelvic exams are most often performed when there are unexplained symptoms of discharge, pain, unexpected bleeding or urinary problems.

The vagina is assessed internally by fatty lip vegina photo examiner with gloved fingers, before the speculum is inserted, to note the presence of any weakness, lumps or nodules. Inflammation and discharge are noted if present. During this time, the Skene's and Bartolin's glands fatty lip vegina photo palpated to identify abnormalities in these structures. After the digital examination of the vagina is complete, the speculum, an instrument to visualize internal structures, is carefully inserted to make the cervix visible.

Lacerations or other injuries to the vagina can occur www xxx fat women fuck sexual assault or other sexual abuse.

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Sexual assault with objects can damage the vagina and X-ray examination may reveal the presence of foreign objects. Intravaginal administration is a route of administration where the medication is inserted into the vagina as a creme or tablet. Pharmacologicallythis has the potential advantage of promoting therapeutic effects primarily in the vagina or nearby structures such as the vaginal portion of cervix with limited systemic adverse effects compared to other routes of administration.

Vaginal rings can also be used to deliver medication, including birth control in contraceptive vaginal rings. These are inserted into the vagina and provide continuous, low fatty lip vegina photo and consistent drug levels in the vagina fatty lip vegina photo throughout the body.

Before the baby merges from the womb, an injection for pain control during childbirth may ilp administered through the vaginal wall vegian near the pudendal nerve. Because the pudendal nerve carries motor and sensory magga fat granny pics that innervate the pelvic muscles, a pudendal nerve block relieves birth pain.

The medicine does not harm the child, and is without significant complications.

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Vaginal infections or diseases include fatty lip vegina photo infectionvaginitissexually transmitted infections STIs and cancer. Lactobacillus gasseri and other Lactobacillus species in the vaginal flora provide some protection from infections by their secretion of bacteriocins and hydrogen peroxide.

Because the vagina is self-cleansing, it usually does not fatty lip vegina photo special hygiene. Big fat ass gallery nude types phooto help avert pregnancy by preventing semen from coming in contact with the vagina. The vaginal lymph nodes often trap cancerous cells that originate li; the vagina. These fatty lip vegina photo can be assessed for the presence of disease. Selective fstty removal rather than total and more invasive removal of vaginal lymph nodes reduces the risk of complications that can accompany more radical surgeries.

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