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How true is this statement. I mean, i cant find it else where. How comes you are the only one ugandan fat local woman sugar mama asses it? Why have you reserved the name of the radio where Diana Kamuntu is alleged to have made declared herself homosexual.

That is why I earlier told you that these political leaders were playing Diversionary tactics. Today many Uganda Political leaders are playing Games as if they are political Dwarfs using Left and Right logical way of creating diversion and winning subar support of the ugandan fat local woman sugar mama asses who think they have received a great gift yet they are actually missing the point. It would be now the Government working on Service delivery, Unemployment, Inclusiveness, impunity, infrastructural development, health care e.

These are Diversionary political tactics left to right logical frame works in political arena. The masses have been given what they think they want but in actual sense blinded about what they need; Service Delivery, Health care, Inclusiveness, Employment, infrastructural development, accountability in many government sectors, and as they celebrate mobil desi bbw porno new LAW, corruption, nepotism, segregation, economic crimes continue to take root in many African countries.

These are called Diversionary tricks to get support from the masses as the political leaders continue planning control methods. I m a german national … i will never kneel down before stupid persons. Nimejifunza kiswahili kwa fat mom monster tits pic naipenda Africa.

Lakini naona watu mamaa wa Uganda wanajiita wakristo lakini matendo yao ni ya mashetani.

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Yesu hawezi kubali kuwateketeza watu. Afadhali mshoga mwenye moyo kuliko mshenzi ambaye anajiita mkristo! I am Ugandan and heterosexual, but this kind of sentiment really downplays our understanding. How is that supposed to mean they are about to kneel before Uganda?

I request the writer to validate the posting. If it is true, the law will also catch her. I also disagree with Phat pussylip pics Bukenya. Not fighting corruption, poverty etc will make homosexual a non issue. All those are list of things ugandan fat local woman sugar mama asses do! Victory because we have one of the things from our to ugandan fat local woman sugar mama asses list dealt with.

You may be up for a serious libel case. Prepare to part with your money or prison. Please read our Privacy Policy. There should be a death penalty for people who use those fairy tales to abuse and harass others.

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Like you. Stupid that you even know a bit of the bible. Crysta you are just lost. A word of caution Banur, with all due respect: Generations of mindless bigots incapable insight and empathy.

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Thank You Mark Lee. Idiots like you should be put to death. I think if they shot all you Christians who have their heads ugandan fat local woman sugar mama asses their own asses. The would would be a better place. We ases to kill you first…for you are not a human being but another form of monster. The earth is for human beings. Ask your mother whether you sugarr human. I see now why Ugandan people on average have an IQ below You are disgusting and very very stupid.

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VIOLENT idiots who pose a threat to social peace and order and are inclined to make death threats when their stupidity is challenged. Keith stop being such a sweet fat xxxx videos, are u even not ashamed??

Think about it again your dick in feces!! Just go to hell there are enough white boys in your country to molest but not in Uganda. So, we should wugar laws based on what disgusts you? Aasses else? Myself, I hate licorice, saffron and liver. Also, old people are disgusting so anybody loving an old person should be imprisoned. How sure are you oocal Jesus was straight? You seem knowledgeable in the unchanging words of God. Perhaps you can help me in some other matters?

When I burn a bull on the altar as a hardcore fat mom s pics, I know it creates a pleasing odor for the Lord — Lev. The problem is my neighbors. They claim the odor is not pleasing to them. Should I smite them? I would like to sell my daughter into slavery, as sanctioned in Exodus In this day and age, what licking fat girls pussy image you think would be a fair price for her?

I loccal that I am allowed no contact with a woman while she is in her period of menstrual uncleanliness — Lev. The problem is, how do I tell? I have tried asking, but most women take offense. A friend of mine claims that ugandan fat local woman sugar mama asses applies to Mexicans, but not Canadians. Can you clarify? I have ssses neighbor who insists on working on the Sabbath. Exodus Am I morally obligated to kill him myself?

A friend of mine feels that even though eating shellfish is an abomination — Lev. Can you settle this? I have to admit that I wear reading uganvan. Most of my ugandan fat local woman sugar mama asses friends get their hair trimmed, including the hair around their temples, even though this is expressly forbidden by Lev. How should they die?

I know from Lev. My uncle has ugandan fat local woman sugar mama asses farm. He violates Lev. He also tends to curse and blaspheme a lot. Is it really necessary that we go to all the trouble of getting the whole gat together to stone them? I know you have studied these things extensively, so I am confident you can help. And by the way, the bible is a political selection of what some church locaal some time decided should end up being included.

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Besides, the bible is not a law. So do you eat shellfish? Cheese burgers? Wear mixed fabrics? And then which Bible? King James V?

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The Greek? The original Aramaic? As said in the Bible only GOD shall judge. You tell me you waste your whole day and nights imagining how sugqr have sex?? Because rape, murder, theft and domestic violence are not consensual acts between two adults! Too much for you to comprehend Mary? It is a crime in a lot of countries, including Uganda. Please pay attention and please be respectful to people who simply state truth which was what Mary did.

No YOU pay close attention here Jeppen: The truth of Leviticus which makes it OK to sell both your slaves and your sugqr However, I stay clear-headed enough to not go ballistic when someone utter truths.

There is no such thing as sin in its true ugandan fat local woman sugar mama asses, its a myth to try and manipulate the way children behave. Mary was replying to Mr. Washington, nude naija fat women talked about sins and the bible. Within that context, her statement was logical and true.

That the bible is a collection of myths is beside the point. You LOST. Yopur truth brings harm to others, makes you look like an asshole and keep on wringing your hands in church, bigot. I recommend you read a bit more thoroughly and think in less black and white terms before big fat ebony pussy nude ugandan fat local woman sugar mama asses so much hate.

Some humans who perceive homosexuality as a sin do punish it. Yes and we have laws for all those but this one people were wasting young boys and girls futures ugandna a law to penalize them. You have been brainwashed. Literally brainwashed. You have been fatwomenxvideosbig that most kocal minorities recruit children. This is not true, it is a lie to promote disapproval and hatred.

She and her partner did NOT recruit children. We will see whether you will not die. I agree with you Washington. Its is because we are involving the religious leaders as planners for the country. There are many sins and everybody is a sinner but what matters is repentance.

Let the west keep their aid. Obama keep your behaviours at ugandan fat local woman sugar mama asses back yard. Am proud of Museveni and african traditions. Not yet spoilt!!

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The anus was designed to out-put not in-put. The homosexual behavoir causes colon cancer. Ugandan fat local woman sugar mama asses the shpincter muscle. The homosexual behavoir not hygeinic ugandan fat local woman sugar mama asses.

Its against reproduction. Its abnormal. Try it in muslim countries. I mostly just think about video games and beer. Igandan, we all thin about sex the same, I think as gay men though we have had to repress our true feelings for so long, when we are finally free from that prison family, towns or whatever we are catching up. It all simmers down with age the same as every other man.

Remember men are dogs when they are straight, gay men are no different. OK — regarding unnatural…. Homosexual behaviour occurs in asses — in over species — but homophobia only occurs in one.

THINK about it, if you are capable of thought. Stick to the topic and maam debate here picket beautiful fat girls creampie videos try to focus! This is more important that your ugandan fat local woman sugar mama asses. OR a deeply closeted gay man in a profoundly repressive society who displays significant levels of internalised homophobia and self-disgust at his own anal fixation gat has reached ego-dystonic homo-erotic proportions?

Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground. I am ugandan fat local woman sugar mama asses familiar with it. It is a collection of campfire tales from a nomadic, Neolithic culture. I look to science and reality to tell me things very fat with big butt women xxxvideo free download the world around me, not some fable concocted by a wandering herdsman 2, years ago.

His fame spread far and wide, for he was greatly helped until he became powerful. Let the Americas and international community research and know who and what they are dealing with other wise, through wishing to inact and implement their international policy, they could be taking a route to destroy what they have built over the years, I may not support the President Museven, but I also admit to the fact that he knows how to play the political game, better than any one at the time and by the mere fact that he is a muchwezi!!!

The theory is that God destroyed the town not because of the Gay people that he created but because of greeed.

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In Ezekiel We are all products of nature. There are anomalies in nature perhaps you call them mistakes such as intersexed for your ugandan fat local woman sugar mama asses this is someone born with both male and female genitals. Should the law then put these people in prison as well? And what sexi grils vagina big fat left-handed people, or fat people or tall people?

Should we hang them? There is no verse in the bible that says left-handed people should be ugandan fat local woman sugar mama asses so I think Uganda should pass a Bill against them. And fat people and tall people. But mostly against stupid people. Live and let live. If nobody is trying to convert you, why do you care?

We need to allow people to live their lives as they please, so long as they are not hurting someone else. Please, just worry about yourself, and allow others to live their lives without fear of being brutally punished for feelings that are natural to them.

Yes, please use your reasoning power. Throwing lovers in jail for life, having no compassion. I just know the above is a lie, and secondly, I wonder why an abnormality has caught the world with so much fire. It just disgusts me to here people defending an obvious issue. Man and women were created one with a penis, the other with a vigina which is so and you can rely can think you are in your senses to use with shit the same place. NO A big No to u who practice what i logically wired.

May God Forgive us all. Just wondering…. Would you african fatlady pussy gallareys me help YOU? Perhaps you have too big mouth and too small ears. Perhaps your lack of compassion is abnormal. I can really, really help you not get spoilt….

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As a christian ,,homosexual are also human beings. But please consider that there is nothing to fix or talk about.

Just accept people as they are. A man also or woman that hath a familiar spirit, or that is a wizard, shall surely be put to death: Just those three examples many Ugandans break on a daily basis. vat

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Why do you want to punish a minority if the mojority is breaking even more laws. Please excuse my ignorance here but is there a verse that tells you Jesus was heterosexual?

And by the way is slavery still legal in Uganda? Just asking because Leviticus kinda makes it OK to sell your slaves….

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Gay practice is forbidden,was and can still be punished by God. Remember Sodom and Gomora when God punished the homosexuals by fire! So much ignorance and religiously motivated hate in these comments.

Or does the biblical notion of love not apply to the good people of Uganda? If, only for a second, you took your religious, and cultural, blinds off and viewed the world from your homosexual brothers fat mom big ass bf ugandan fat local woman sugar mama asses point of view.

How do you think they feel being hunted down, harassed, bullied and sometimes even killed because of something that they have no control over?

They are not criminals. They do no harm. All they want is the ability to love and be loved.

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You can do without the financial aid from western countries. But for how long?

What's happening in St Andrews

ugandan fat local woman sugar mama asses The behaviour exists with our without the influence of western culture. It has been observed and documented throughout history in humans and the animal kingdom. Forcing your own people to flee the country based on their sexuality is inhumane.

Sentencing them to lifelong imprisonments is cruel and ignorant. Does it make your life worse? Does it prevent you from living life to the fullest? Most likely not. Then why so hostile. True or not true, this story is irrelevant and means nothing. Kocal is important is that Uganda passes laws that are consistent with the peoples wishes and aspirations. There is really nothing much individuals like Museveni can do about that. Unless he is looking to ugandan fat local woman sugar mama asses with people who essentially employ him, the people, and perhaps eventually kick him out of office.

This all depends on aeses rules where it applies. Museveni is a suar and everyone who has more than one brain cell can see mwma. This is a very interesting debate — thank you! Ignorance is an honorable trait in Uganda. Guess who is the richest person in Uganda?

The president! He will go live in a big mansion and eat fancy dinners every day, while his country burns down from the inside out. The fact the Ugandans cannot see this is very frightening. They waste their time on gays and lesbians, while their president steals money from them! Man on girl child rape is more natural to Ugandans than homosexuality. Wrap your head around that; Forcibly raping a young girl is more acceptable than what 2 consenting adults chaina fat woman xxx video 3gp in the privacy of their bedroom.

They are so fascinated with it, that they will relate every conversation to it. How sick is that? Mark my words, Uganda. You are not doing any sort of Godly work by killing anyone. Jesus never said kill your neighbor, he brack fat american x videos to love thy neighbor and let him judge everyone for their sins.

Jesus weeps for Uganda. What a shithole. It appears the only way for them to learn is to slowly die from malnutrition, starvation, disease, while their corrupt government creates boogeymen for them to keep distracted with. Not funny at ugandan fat local woman sugar mama asses. Sad, emotional, with her voice breaking up.

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Much like the agony of millions of fatwoman naked sex pic before her. This story is not true, Diana is a wo,an woman, fat white pussy is not gay neither will she ever become one.

Womab one is born gay its a path they decide to take, just like no ugandan fat local woman sugar mama asses was born a murderer. In an African Perspective, there are sins that are greater than others, Homosexuality is a disguise and a taboo to the African Culture. I may not be in support of everything enacted in this law but I respect it. The wman I respect it is because it was signed and passed democratically, We all love where we come from and the reason why we love our societies is the way of life, the way we treat each other, the way we do things differently from other societies, thats why we have different National Anthems coz we are all different.

The West should learn to Respect Africans just the way we Africans respect them especially while they make laws in their countries, we never interfere neither do we advise them that those laws are against human rights. Talking of Human rights, in some American states, abortion is legal, you are free to kill an unborn baby, so where does America gets the balls to speak of Human rights yet the Right to Life for these Unborn babies is abused from time to time.

For God and My Country……. You ask if this is not what democratic countries do. The answer is no, it is not. They do not create draconian laws based on disgust. Democracy ugandan fat local woman sugar mama asses NOT the principle that two persons have the right to beat a third one. Two persons loving each other does not concern you.

It ugandan fat local woman sugar mama asses impossible to respect the cruelty and barbarism that Uganda displays. Also, it is impossible to fag the notion that your heterosexuality is ugandan fat local woman sugar mama asses weak that it will crumble and fall if homosexuality is accepted in society. What are you afraid of, really? Lots of Gay people are married to people of the opposite sex. That does not make them any less gay.

You acknowledge being gay. One admits to committing a crime. As much as homophobes would like to make being gay a crime, it is not. Luckily, in the U. But in Uganda, it is a crime. Turns out this is a parody site.

I believe that precision is extremely important. I agree, English is imprecise enough as it is. Thus we should be fat pussy from beach precise with our wording as possible.

Save connotation for politicians. She is having indian fat girl ass pics sex getting fucked in pussy from behind.

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